Who We Are

Donal Daly

CEO & Founder

Big Data Technologist / Evangelist / Data Wrangler

Donal founded Data Wranglers Ltd to provide Big Data strategic consulting to companies and to help them adopt a data driven culture.

Donal has 4+ years of Big Data experience as a Technologist & Evangelist for Big Data (Aster Data & Hadoop at Teradata) and from a consumer perspective (Full Tilt Poker). Currently helping Singularities bring their solution to market.

A highly effective leader with over 25 years systems software development experience including senior roles at Teradata, Informatica and Oracle (15 years). Rare combination of deep technical expertise coupled with excellent customer focus and extensive business development accomplishments. Excellent oral and written communications skills.

Specialties: Big Data, Enterprise Engineering Management, Database Technologies, legacy migration and consolidation strategies, Developing engineered services through automation.

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Data Wranglers Ltd - Big Data Strategic Consulting

Rod Mac Kenzie-Shannon

Chief Deployment Officer

Rod has 25+ years of large scale systems and has deployed systems for Heathrow Airport, the Government of Malta, banks in Russia, London and Portugal amongst others. He has held the roles of Release Manager, Technical Support Manager, DBA, Test Manager and Configuration Manager sometimes simultaneously. He also spent 4 great years working with Carlos Araya as Artinsoft Global Director of Services.

Rod gets satisfaction from ensuring customers enjoy robust, reliable, available systems that meet their needs consistently. He is the primary guardian of the live environments. It would be fair to say he is not one of the organisations 'blue sky thinkers' preferring to keep his feet firmly grounded in proven process.

An avid reader of all things technical, Rod enjoys his motorcycle (dry days only!) and sometimes wrestles with a guitar. Like Donal, Rod likes cars and has actually driven the Batmobile (Adam West), the Pink Panther Car and innumerous super cars and super bikes.